08 January 2007

My Hot Date

Yes, I had a date tonight. Really. With two very fine young gentlemen. At the same time. One was very talkitive and made sure I knew everything there is to know on the differences between Spiderman and Superman. He then explained why Darth Vader is the best Star Wars character. Ever. Also the most fun to color.

The other didn't talk much, at least I couldn't understand him (unless he was saying "no". That I could understand quite well) but would cuddle with me and eat my dinner when I wasn't looking.

Combine the two and I had a wonderful date.

First we had dinner (pizza and not just milk, CHOCOLATE milk), then we watched Spiderman II. "They KISS." I'm told, but we didn't make it to the end because the movie was interrupted by the third thing we did which was get ready for bed. Scriptures came fourth (of which we'd read about a verse and a half and they'd want to turn to a new page) and prayer.

Nate, who is two and about the most blond kid to grace this earth, was put in his crib at 7:30 and proceeded to scream for 20 minutes (not his most stellar date moment) and Alec, five, wanted me to cuddle with him in bed while I read more of the Book of Mormon (might as well get my reading in when I can). He kept talking, though. I hear tell that his dad can not only fight off bad guys, but also vampires. I told him to lay in bed while I did dishes and I'd be right back. He could talk, sing, keep his eyes open and be awake as much as he wanted, but he had to be laying down. 10 minutes later he was asleep (though he promised to wait up for me, such a male!) and I finished the dishes (an hour after that. You know those times when it may just be better to throw the dishes away and start over again?).

Nate, however, was not asleep. I sat outside his room reading the Book of Mormon and listening to him "sing" and babble.

What a perfect date. We have tentitive plans for sometime in the future.


terrah said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog. Missions sure are breeding grounds for memorable quotes and crazy experiences, eh? :)

terrah said...

You're adopted?

You came home early from your mission?

You mean, I'm not a social anomaly?!

Perhaps we are sisters ...