30 May 2007

Time Going By

A year ago today I was in Nauvoo.....(check out those missionary clothes. AHH!)

Two years ago today I was in Nauvoo....(hair and humidity don't work well for me)Three years ago today....not in Nauvoo. That's too bad. But working in membership. I was reading over the journal entries from that long ago and...membership was so funny. I'm glad I don't work there any more, though. I can barely handle the stress levels of my 20 phone calls a day, let alone the 150-200 calls. My blogs aren't nearly as interesting from CES, though.

Today I'm updating the Philippine's area information and trying to reimburse people and think of any reason in the world why I shouldn't file the large stack of paper on my desk. It's terribly busy here, as you can imagine.

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