12 March 2008

From the Car

Yesterday I posted my sunrise and window cleaning pictures. They were both taken from the car. Yesterday was mostly a car-picture taking day. The picture on my PAD was taken while at a stop light (oh, same with the previous two) as were the next two that didn't make my PAD.

Yep, got this at a stoplight on 2nd South. It's a church that I absolutely love. I think it's gorgeous and some day when it's warmer I will take pictures of it from not in my car (no, it's not warm enough yet).

And this was also from my car, though from the sun roof. I was driving home and saw the most wonderful sunset ever (a perfect ending to that great sunrise), hurried off the freeway (in a cautionary manner), found a parking lot with a good view and snapped away. I missed the best part when the sun was up more, but I doubt people would want me just stopping on the freeway.

I am very happily turning into one of those people that forgets everything else and follows the picture. Maybe car pictures can be my "thing".


alishka babushka said...

you are cute. i love the sunset. i like that the sun isn't as up as much to be honest, it gives it more individuality. i want to grow up to be like you...do you have a recipe on how to do that???

ChillyGator said...

Thank you!

I don't have a recipe. Perhaps ask the 100 hour board (o: