05 March 2008


Melanie mentioned I don't blog any more. Which is true, but I'm doing great with my Photo A Day! Still, I'm just not interesting enough to blog often. Oh well.

First, I'm in charge of signing up my department for the blood drive. This struck me as slightly ironic as I get ill thinking about blood and needles and it takes all I have not to pass out when I'm in situations where either (and especially both) are involved.

I also can't donate blood myself for two reasons (I thought people would hate me and tell me to suck it up for the first, Melanie says people will hate me for the second).
1. I really hate needles. Don't like them. Not at all. Can't handle it.
2. I don't meet the minimum weight requirement, which is more than okay with me because I know at some point I will, but let's put it off as long as possible.

So, yes, I am asking people to donate blood when I've never done it and have no intention of doing it. Yay, hypocrisy!

In other news, I'm wearing a mission dress today. They're nice dresses and I keep thinking I can wear them, but then I put them on and remember how much I do not like these clothes. I wore them far too much to want to see them again, let alone wear them. I can totally sympathize with people that burn mission clothes (though I'm in the giving them away stage).

Today is also fun because I've been really busy. That hasn't happened in awhile. Every time I wanted to go somewhere the phone would ring, someone would come asking a question or I'd look up and everyone else was gone so I had to stay. Around 3 I'd just hung up the phone and finished the part of a project that I can work on and Brian came to my desk asking a question. I saw David, so I directed him there and declared I was going to lunch. As soon as I said that, Mark and Arbra needed something and the phone rang. I smiled and walked away (okay, David answered the phone, I grabbed Kym for Brian -- since that's who he wanted anyway -- and told they others we'd talk tomorrow). I like busy.

Also, let it be noted, Kym and I are basically awesome. We've gone to work out Monday and Wednesday (starting slow). I walked in the building Monday (early, early Monday...It was practically still Sunday in my mind) and realized I hadn't been in almost a year. I'll pay for an expensive gym membership and go once a year if I want to, darn it! Also I was able to do 15 minutes on the elliptical and was pleased because the first time we worked out together (oh, last March) I could barely go 5 minutes before I wanted to die. I think I could do more, but I usually have to go home and shower for work. We are amazing.

Finally, happy birthday to Becca!! I hope you have a wonderful day and I'm grateful to have you as a friend. MWAH!


Gretchen said...

Just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler, I learn that you served a mission! Where'd you go?

ChillyGator said...

That's right, I have unstoppable coolness, lol.

I went to Sydney Australia South for most of it and finished out in Rochester New York.

The clothes, though, the clothes aren't cool.

kahu puke (da Librarian) said...

Have you posted your "photo a day" pictures on the web? I would love to see them! You are awesome!

ChillyGator said...

I have my photo a day over at my livejournal site (which I should probably link to!)



Allie said...

Hooray working out! And I feel for you with the whole needle thing. That's gross. Good luck, honey...