31 May 2008

The Trifler

Death's the lover that I'd be taking;
Wild and fickle and fierce is he.
Small's his care if my heart be breaking-
Gay young Death would have none of me.

Hear them clack of my haste to greet him!
No one other my mouth had kissed.
I had dressed me in silk to meet him-
False young Death would not hold the tryst.

Slow's the blood that was quick and stormy,
Smooth and cold is the bridal bed;
I must wait till he whistles for me-
Proud young Death would not turn his head.

I must wait till my breast is wilted.
I must wait till my back is bowed,
I must rock in the corner, jilted-
Death went galloping down the road.

Gone's my heart with a trifling rover.
Fine he was in the game he played-
Kissed, and promised, and threw me over,
And rode away with a prettier maid.

(Dorothy Parker)

Three hundred points to anyone (the someone!) who knows who I'm missing right this very moment.

Usually I think of this person (or talk to or see them) and say the first two lines, so I decided my person needed the whole poem to know that is how much this particular friend is being missed today.

In other news; Joseph is absolutely a hippy. Kym totally called it. Props to her.

Best news, though, is that I went shopping and now I'm home and can go to bed. Not that shopping wasn't fun. It went something like this "If I were sitting at my desk right now, what would I want to be eating?" Hopefully my actual desk self agrees with my pretending desk self.

The really fun part of shopping is there was a large group of our beloved Youth of Zion wandering around the store being loud, obnoxious and crude to anyone and everyone. I tried to avoid them, but it was hard. I came around one corner (determined to get my ground beef - which, BTW, was a "If I were eating Sunday dinner tomorrow..." thought and not a "at my desk" thought because that would be weird - if it cost me my sanity) I heard a girl say "I just saw my bishop! We can't act like this!" I followed him all over the store and even checked out behind him. He must have wondered at his newfound shopping companion, but I wasn't taking chances. Bless that dear bishop.


Katria said...

I imagine that dead friend is missing you, too. At least, I would be missing you if it were me.. Ahem.

Chillygator said...

300 points! When do you get back?