02 October 2008

A Sad Farewell

I returned Joseph Smith Nutcracker to his home today. Kate and I went off to shoot my homework assignment (oh, due tonight. Glad I'm doing it the day of, y'know?) on Temple Square and I wanted it JSN themed (because, how random!) and afterward we took him back to mom's credenza where he belongs.

At least I'll have something to talk to when we stay late again these next two nights.

In other news, I really miss Jenny and the squishes today! Oddly, mostly Jenny. I'm having hair issues and I need her to come and help me experiment with it. I'm having clothes issues (some of this may be due to I can't only access 30% of my closet...). I'm having room issues (preemptive because I haven't even painted yet, so I probably shouldn't be as worried about furniture placement). I just need a sister closer to me! Even my unofficial ones live too far away. It's being a very sad day for me.

I have a coworker, Ken, whose son got his mission call today (Everett Washington!). We riding up in the elevator reminiscing about opening mission calls. Kate said she knew hers was coming and kept going home from school to check her mailbox so she could get it first. Ken's son wanted to open it alone so his little sisters wouldn't be reading over his shoulder. I didn't get a choice on mine (but wouldn't have chosen any other way! Maybe more pictures...), mom brought mine home from work and my family all came over. I'd told her that I was going to go to Sydney South before I even turned the papers in, so I got my call, opened it and read "Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission!" and TSM looked worried because I'd just read the wrong call. I was told to be serious so I read "Australia Sydney South Mission!" and mom told me to stop joking again, but, no, serious that time. Then we all talked and...didn't take pictures. Man, those were good times. More good times will be going to my mission reunion (the Sydney one because I saw the Layton's on Sunday and that's good, right?) tomorrow. I'm debating bringing my camera or not...it's sort of big and noticeable and I don't really like being noticed in crowds.

So, yeah, goodtimes in downtown Salt Lake. Mission calls, JSN on Temple Square, me not being able to put together a matching outfit for the life of me! It's great (o:


Kristina P. said...

I think someone needs to visit American Fork for some good, "clean", fun. ;)

Chillygator said...

ha! *I'm* not even married! I have no need for that level of "comfort"! I am willing to go with you, though, and photograph (o:

Jenny said...

You miss me!!! That's really great! I'm not used to being the one being missed! (if that made sense...) I miss you too if it's any consolation. There are some things that only sisters are good for! No one else can quite do it right! Well just think, only 2 months and I will hopefully be there! I wish it was sooner, but shucks... such is life, eh?