25 November 2008

A Post for Melanie

Melanie keeps asking me why I never blog about her, and I always feel bad that I haven't yet, so I will. I think she specifically wanted the Halloween pictures up (yes, I'm not a month behind all cool events...).

Halloween was just a normal day in the office. For example, here's Melanie trying to pull the stick out of her head. I think working in Finance does it to her.

After work, a good-sized group of us went over to Kymberli's house so Melanie (now Punk Rock Mel) could do their hair for the Halloween party. Here Amy is learning that the secret to big hair is ratting. Lots and lots of ratting. There are also secrets to getting hair like Melanie's. I wish I could wear my hair to work like that.

Amy won the prize for the biggest hair. Doesn't she look so demure?

Here is Aaron, our token male, watching the hair process.

The finished product. Awesome? I think so! Unfortunately it was only 2nd place at the costume contest awesome. Oh well, next year!

And now, Mel, I have blogged about you. My debt is paid.

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Kristina P. said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!