14 November 2008

Things That Made Me Laugh This Week

Technically this is for two weeks since last Friday I was a little out of it...

Amy (on being polygamists for Halloween): "I'm the first wife now!

Sally (on how the Baker's Wife kisses the Prince in Into The Woods): "Yes, she does. And then she finds herself in the woods!"

Kymberli (David said we should call New Zealand (since it's tomorrow there!) to find out who won the election): "Oh, man, I feel like I'm talking to a child. Will someone please explain to David how time zones work?"

Steve: "Do you think the Church will have a problem with me teaching a class called 'Isaiah as I See It'?"

David (on California weather): "The warm rain means it's acid rain."

Rochelle (Who is in my Wordless Wednesday Space Mountain photo): "I don't want to be wordless! Too many words can fill the imagination when it's wordless!"

Kristy (how I almost hit a pedestrian...well, not even close, but I could have...if I hadn't stopped): "She looks too trendy to be alive." Rachel: "Is that how you feel about me?"

Rachel: "Oh, like you haven't spilled ice cream in your car before." (I still have ice cream residue from over a year ago...)

Rachel: "Do you want to come watch people make out with us?"

Dave (at the Provo temple): "People don't fornicate here; people propose here."

Dave: "My language is not representing me well tonight." (truer words never spoken)

Dave: "Look at all those happy people not trapped in cars."

Michael (on me wanting to believe my computer makes ticking noises to keep time, not because it's about to die): "There's nothing like ignorance to sooth the mind."

Allie (dating philosophy): "No way am I having kids with a guy who can't french kiss."

Michael: "I can't imagine kissing someone who had tried that lip balm."

Daniel: "My internet is communist and screens my messages."

Summer: "I love how quickly the Church does things. Like cash your tithing checks."

Melanie: "Now I will live my life in Italics because people who write in Italics are sadder than those who write in normal font." (I made her emo.)

Kymberli (to a friend who didn't want to hear any more dating talks): "You are not allowed to say you're sick of talks on dating until you're 31, moved out of the singles ward and had your chance."

Kymberli (on employee status): "She's more than exempt, she's practically translated."

Mike (on what to do when his phone - with a really catchy tune - rings): "Don't dance, run!"


Hiccup MeL said...

Hooray!! I finally made it to your blog. I've waited and waited for you to post something funny I've said. I guess the only time I made it was when I was pretending to be sad. Figures.

Melissa said...

rofl.... so I'm 31... and had my chance then?

TopHat said...

Wow. And I thought for sure the sniper on the temple comment would make it this week!

I probably wouldn't kiss someone with that lip balm either.

Lindy Leigh said...

I'm never funny...I need to be funny.

Jared Fawson said...

I have to admit after reading your blog recently I have to tell you that you have really made this a great blog. I enjoy the quirky posts, the wordless wednesdays and of course your mom's memories have a special place in my life. Great job. And as you know I don't give out compliments lightly.

Tiburon said...

Ohhh I need to work harder at making you laugh.

Chillygator said...

The key is google talk, Tib (o: That's where I get most of them.