19 June 2009

Things That Made Me Laugh This Week

Another week, another list of things I found funny (o: Also, I spend a lot of time with Melanie (o:

TSM (as I entered the office during lunch): "Where's your camera?" Kristy: "I didn't bring it. You guys just never do anything photo-worthy." MamaLynne: "What are you talking about? He just IS photo-worthy!"

Todd (after my work account had been terminated): "In spy movies, that would mean you'd go home and find your family dead and the killers after you. I don't think the Church will do that."

Melanie: "We weren't trying to hit on him, we were trying to find out where he worked so we could avoid him!" There was this boy and we were trying to make polite conversation with him by asking where he worked and he said vague and annoying things like "Downtown!" Well, you have a Church ID badge on, we know you're in the building, stop being stupid. PS, stuff like that isn't funny. You're welcome to everyone who still thinks it is.

Cari: "Not only am I liberal, I'm also crazy!"

Brooke (she mentioned she was going to see Mary Poppins, I told her to get Rebecca Luker's autograph for me, she said no, this text came to me WAY later): "Also, I didn't know Rebecca Luker was IN Mary Poppins, I thought you just wanted me to randomly find her."

@HR_Minion (yay twitter!): "Man, I wish, WISH, I didn't care about not burning bridges because sometimes, you just want to set the whole thing ablaze."

Dan (when I was asking about dinner group): "It's that thing I've invited you to for ages that you always turn down because you hate happiness and fun." Also because I was in Europe (o:

Dave: "I guess we showed them, very quickly, just how big and important we can be!" Dave works with a program I use a lot at work and have been praising since it updated, but then two days later it sort of died and started being more trouble than it was in the beginning. Dave told me the story of how they broke the program I use.

Allie: "In the literal sense, not the 'I'd like to drown in my own hot pink chains of emo death store' sense." I don't even remember what that was about, but that's okay.

Melanie (when I told her I hate growing out bangs): "You're just going to have to live with the fact that you want to kill yourself while waiting for it to grow out."

Allie: "Every time I think this world has the potential to be slightly normal...some Floridan government workers start showing up to work without their underwear."

Melanie (on sending department-wide e-mails): "I sent it. How come I haven't gotten it yet? Did you? Or did I just send it to your division? I sent it to your conference room...I just told a conference room about a baby."

Scott (who recently moved): "I opened one of my boxes and it smelt like cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves. It was like Christmas until I had to look for the spilled spices."

Melanie (Melanie and I were driving somewhere and she was being embarrassing so I was hiding and chanting "I don't know you, I don't know you, I don't know you..."): "I will roll down your window and yell 'She knows me!'"

Melanie (on picking a restaurant in West Valley): "Please tell me you're writing out your will, because we're going to die at dinner."

Melanie: "When I ordered a sandwich they failed to mention that not only would it be a foot-long, it would be a yard-long! It's too big! It's like eating a shoe!" It WAS as big as a shoe. I held my shoe up to half of it (she wasn't going to eat it anyway) and they were the same size! (I'm a size 6 1/2, so it's not even like freakishly small feet!)

Melanie (while watching Guys and Dolls): "That is the highest solo I've ever heard sung on stage. Whoever wrote that is mean."

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Jillene said...

hehe!! I especially like the one about the spilled spices!!