22 December 2009

Fill In The Blank

I was going to blog about how this is a post without pictures and go me, but then I was IMing Dan and he said he saw a Christmas card and thought of me.

THIS Christmas card, in fact.
How could I not feel warm and fuzzy inside? And Christmasy.

I somehow managed to catch a cold -- right after I got rid of the sinus infection. Way to go, body! But I have been meaning to write various things in a cohesive manner, which will maybe struggle since I took cold medication and it's all I can do to even stay awake.

-I have finally vacuumed my room after about two weeks. This means I can close my door. This means I can go to bed before everyone else because before I had to leave my door open and the lights from the rest of the house would come into my room and keep me awake and I don't sleep well with lights on.

What does vacuuming have to do with sleeping? Well, a BIG spider decided to die in the hallway of my bedroom right in the path of my door. Instead of dealing with it (because in my typical handling of hard things -- like spiders -- I hoped ignoring it would mean I wouldn't have to do anything), I put a small pillow over it so I wouldn't have to look at it or step on it. That pillow has been there for two weeks meaning my door hasn't been closed in two weeks.

It really was an accomplishment.

-Things I haven't accomplished? Mailing stuff. I now have six unmailed packages instead of my usual one unmailed package (sorry, Scott. Six years isn't that long to wait for a package, is it?). I'm...working on being better about that.

-Jenny and I are going to Aspen next Monday for the night. We're going to see a Linda Eder concert. I've been ridiculously excited about it all this month. It will mean I've completed my New Year's resolution. Unless it snows and we have to stay in Utah for some horrible reason and then I'll cry.

-Not related to anything, but we're playing Candyland at work (it stays on one person's desk and we take our turn as we walk by as her desk is right next to the elevator -- however, I went a LONG TIME without a turn because Melanie someone kept forgetting to move her piece). I'm winning. I suggested we look at the cards in advance just to see who will win, but no one liked that idea.

-Sort of related to work; I hate when people chew with their mouths open. It sets various nerves on edge. I have been extremely edgy this month with so much food (and people eating) around my desk. But that's neither here nor there, just an explanation if I go crazy.

I'm going to miss the delicious treats everyone brings (and never having to plan for lunch because brownies are filling), but am excited to get my sanity back.

-I also have the coolest bishop ever. Just as an aside. Not at all related to my last comment.

-Jen and Allie both wanted me to blog about them. Jenny did NOT want me to blog about her. I know who I'm tempted to come up with a childhood story about....

-But I'll be sort of nice and tease MamaLynne instead. We were driving home tonight and talking about someone we knew with two daughters. The younger of the two is MUCH cuter than the older. I made the comment, "That will probably be hard to grow up with such an adorable little sister." MamaLynne retorted, "Yeah. I bet it was hard for Liz." (Liz is her older sister.) MamaLynne does not often say things like that (because she is a model of propriety, and things like that are not so much her). I, of course, laughed all the drive down State Street. (For those who wonder, it was a joke. Everyone who meets my mom and aunties say they all look SO MUCH ALIKE.)

-I still don't have a New Year's resolution/theme.

-But I'll worry about it tomorrow because I'm going to bed.


Gracewanderer said...

For the record, I didn't just stumble across the zombie card. I came up with the idea for it and then talked to a friend of mine who is good at drawing things and she drew it for me. Here's my sketch with the original idea:

You can tell they're zombies because their arms are sticking out. The dad's coffee mug (which would have said "World's Best Zombie") was lost in translation but the little boy's pajamas got a brain pattern put on them which makes up for it.

I was going to bring it over on Monday but it wasn't done yet and I didn't want to keep waiting so I got a boring card instead.

Rick and Alexis said...

I HATE Candyland! This game sucks... and it was my idea to play at work. LAME. P.S. I only hate it because I'm not winning.

Chillygator said...

Me too! Next time let's play Monopoly or something that involves strategy (I'd say Risk, but can you IMAGINE how many years something like that could go on here?). Then we could make trades via IM and it would be awesome.

Cyd said...

I love zombies.

*raises hand* I'd also like to recommend Clue as a work/game option - It's just a guess, but I can envision your work environment getting just as cutthroat about it as my family does on game night. Good times.