05 December 2009

Things That Made Me Laugh This Week

Hi, World. Between the weather changing and all the flights I took this past month, my sinuses have not loved life. So instead of blogging or taking pictures or pursuing adventure (as usual), I've been mostly sleeping. Which is admittedly not that exiting. Anyway, things that have made me laugh!

Erin (when I asked her if she was funny in Spanish as well as English): "I'm not as funny. I mean, I'm still funny, but it's hard to be as funny in another language."

Kristy (after Brooke asked me for something I'd e-mailed her not that long ago): "What happened to the one I gave you last week?" Brooke: "Lost! So long ago!" I do that to her all the time. Sometimes in the same conversation, because scrolling back is so hard.

David: "Oh man, I love Landesk more than I love the Budgeted Hours Report!" My office is so geeky. We're not as bad as Finance, though, so I take comfort in that (o:

Jenny (after Ziggy was petitioning me to put up the Christmas tree with him): "It's really easy, he tells you what to do and you do it." MamaLynne: "Oh, look, it's another Jenny!" I might have to, in an upcoming blog, retell the story of why I don't often get involved in decorating for Christmas. I think it is mentioned at least once a year, but the story still makes me laugh after 8 years, so I'll do it again.

Chance (on why girls shouldn't talk too much on dates (for the record, he was teasing)): "We prefer reading the book without having it translated."

Allie: "On the other hand, once you're in love, you feel guilty about flirting with others and your budget for food goes wayyyyy down. I could have scored like three dates this weekend if I weren't married, but, alas. Do you realize how much free food that is?" I don't remember the context, but that's okay. Allie's pursuit of free food always makes me laugh.

Allie (after watching a documentary): "I decided if I want to be on a documentary some day, I'd better be freaking good looking."

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