29 January 2010

Things That Made Me Laugh This Week

I was debating posting just things that make me laugh pictures this week, but then I knew Chance, Melanie and Brooke (who all are quite vocal about how they'd better be on the post) would not love me. Since I can't have that, I'll just start with the pictures.

This is probably one of the more amazing outfits Melanie and I have seen while out driving together (even weirder than the guy wearing a thong while jogging). Yes, this is a guy. He has pink hair, red, sparkly shoes and a bunny backpack. I could have taken a picture from the front, but we were stopped in traffic and I didn't know if the bunny bag contained something to murder us with (I always worry, you know), so I waited until he was walking away.

What I wouldn't give for that level of self confidence!

Also funny was at Micah's birthday dinner (a week late. Sorry Micah! Happy birthday!). Someone bought him a little quarter machine fake mustache to put over his real mustache. I couldn't decide if I liked it better as another mustache or when he had it as a unibrow. Actually, that whole dinner was funny. I was in the middle of conversations about valentines monster truck rallies, games involving stealing M&Ms and general quirky things when you have a group of ward members gathered together at a Mexican restaurant that plays 80s rock music.

Yesterday I let Ziggy play with my camera (I often do that. He brings it back pretty quickly because it's too heavy) and he took a picture in the kitchen, ran to show me, looked at it and went, "I forgot to half-down focus!", grabbed the camera and went to try again. I didn't even have to say anything. I like the picture anyway. Jenny's kitchen looks a little different from his level.

Ziggy's picture of Jenny and Giselle. He was aiming for the balloon. I'm going to put a lens on there that has different zoom options. I usually put the 50 mm on for him because it's the lightest. We'll get his little arm muscles in shape yet.

And non-picture things that made me laugh:

Chance: "You choose to have standards at the most random times." He wanted me to play a VERY mean prank on David. I mean, I play sort of mean pranks on him, but not that mean.

Brooke (being frustrated with the lack of attention I give Facebook): "Also, not exactly related: I'm about to poke everyone back for you. Including myself. YOU'RE WELCOME."

Chance: "I can tell you're one-upping because you didn't say 'President Monson,' you said 'the prophet.'" He was telling me how he was going to take pictures of Air Force One. I shared my lunch plans (o:

Tianna (dating ideas): "I actually vote for a helicopter ride to the top of Timpanogos followed by a candlelit dinner on Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake."

Tesse (on drunk knitting): "No, not practicing or studying makes it harder. Drinking just makes it less frustrating."

David (from my ward, not my boss)(discussing his dating life. He's an engineer): "It doesn't work because you're dating someone who is programed to analyze every possible way it could go wrong. I need to remember that getting married is not like building a beam."

Tianna (after I told her how I would feel guilty for missing something because I would be in DC at a concert): "Maybe you ought to set an alarm on your phone for halfway through the performance to remind you to feel guilt."

Brooke (on working out): "Because I decided that hotness and not dying early are both decent things."

MamaLynne: "I can't give you an intro; there are three sharps!" I wanted her to play a song for me on the piano so I could sing along. The SONG had three sharps and she was playing that just fine. I don't see how the intro was an issue (o:

Bridget: "That would probably classify as marrying up." I'm not going to explain it, but, oh man, I laughed for a long time.

Leslie: "It's always sad when people learn different things than me because I'm the center of the universe."

Chance: "Time out: Are we doing this new friend thing every day?" I was "mad" at him so we decided to be new friends. This turned into being new friends every. single. morning. Like the Groundhog Day of friendship.

Daniel (on time travel): "Oh man, let's have a picnic when Georges Seurat was painting on La Grande Jatte island. I so want to be in that painting." Kristy: "We'd have to dress differently." Daniel: "I'm 92% sure that painting was about different classes of people at the beach. We'd be the future class."

Melanie: "No response means you're offended by my casual snark." For some reason our phrasing was very off that day, we kept saying unintentionally offensive things (if you wanted to twist them that way, which of course we did).

Kristy (after Dave turned slooooowly in front of fast-approaching cars): "Dave! Don't do that to my heart!" Dave: "Why? You do it to mine." My tone was angry. His tone was bemused flirty. I debated between laughing and smacking him. Clearly I chose laughing. Unless I'd died, then there would be less laughing.

Kristy (giving directions -- badly): "This dark, windy road is going to turn out to be a dead end." Dave: "Just like our relationship." He likes taking my very literal statements and running with them....

MamaLynne: "You're seeing Rachel York next weekend and you're sad????" I was explaining to MamaLynne how tragically sad my life is. She didn't believe me. Though, she had a point! There is going to be a lot of Allie, Chance, Jenny (Chance's wife, not my sister) and Kristy adventuring next weekend.

Bill (acting appropriately toward my sadness): "If I were sitting around a table floating near the ceiling, getting ready for tea, I'd start sinking down toward the floor right now."


LookieLooSuz said...

You make me laugh every week :)

M J Foster said...

I was about to ask why you didn't post a picture of me that did me justice... when reality slapped me across the face and pointed out that you probably don't have one! I'm glad you could come to dinner with us. It was an odd group of people, I'll be honest, but it's nice that we all get along! (By the way, thanks for documenting such an awkward moment for me!)

Cyd said...

Wow, you took great notes this week... these are fantastic!

Crescent Les said...

I feel like the thing I said that made you laugh wasn't as funny as the things everyone else said.

Oh well. At least I made it! :D These are among my favorite posts!