06 February 2010

Things That Made Me Laugh This Week

Clearly it is Saturday and I am updating my blog. Which means I'm not in DC. Which means I did NOT enjoy a fabulous evening with Allie and am not even now having delicious Belgian waffles with Chance and Jenny. Life is hard.

In other news, DC is having its worst storm since 1922 (I believe that's what Chance said) and my flight, as well as the concert I planned to go to, was canceled. Luckily it was canceled before I got to the airport. Or, worse, after I was almost there and we landed somewhere else. That's the sort of scenario that stresses me out as I imagine my Worst Case Traveling Situations.

In other news, isn't Giselle cute? She looks like Jenny.

JENNY, don't read this next part!!: I saw her hair -- bangs, specifically -- and they were so short I thought maybe Giselle had found a pair of scissors. I inquired and hurt Jenny's feelings as she cut them short because it's hard to get Giselle to sit still that long and wanted the cut to last awhile. This is where all the other mothers can nod in sympathy and agreement. So that's why her bangs are short...

This one shows the length a little better. My hair looked like that when someone whose name may or may not be Stuart Layton decided to cut it for me. Not that we remember anything of that event.

JENNY, you may read now. Actually, you probably read ANYWAY...

In more other news, I'm going to San Francisco on Monday still and hopefully nothing will go wrong there. So, things that made me laugh:

Allie (describing our friendship): "It's like a chick flick, except instead of a happy marriage of heterosexual couples, we have two random heterosexual girls who don't get married but are just good friends on chat and who occasionally see each other in real life."

Melanie (on stress): "I need to channel my 21-year-old self. I used to be really good at handling things and now it's like, 'I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK!' What?" I wish I had an audio clip of her saying she likes chocolate milk. I've been saying that at random for days and it still doesn't stop being funny.

Melanie (on texting times): "Feel free to remind me AFTER seven. One minute before and you'll wish you'd never been born." I needed her to bring me something and she wanted me to remind her before work. But not before seven. Clearly.

Brooke (trying to sell me on her version of making me over What Not To Wear style): "I'll find a gay friend to come be my partner. NOT THAT KIND OF PARTNER. My What Not to Wear Compatriot. I can't believe you aren't going for this."

Dave: "I don't want to sound like an alarmist, because I'm not, but every time I come over here, it's because things are alarmingly wrong." David and I manage to find all kinds of problems with our new employee system (o:

Melanie: "Bloomer likes almost all girls. Some men. HATES KIDS. Just like you." I always love when Melanie finds ways to compare me to her cat.

Jessica: "We were supposed to be focusing on light stuff this week, because that's what our class was on last week, but it's been pretty overcast all week, so that was tricky. Other than than, y'know, 'this was taken with diffuse light,' 'also, this one.'"

Todd (after her tweeted that he wouldn't be offended if people unfollowed him. I asked if that offer extended to me): "Does not apply to you. You're stuck to me for life. Our love has super glued our souls together." I love super glued souls. They make me so happy. And I am still following him on twitter, even.


Jenny said...

You can't actually expect me not to read it when you say JENNY don't read this! It's practically like saying "Look at me! Look at me!" And yep that's why I cut her bangs shorter than I used to. I am planning on doing it until either she gets old enough that it isn't as difficult or we grow them out. Anyway, it's been too long since I've seen you! Where have you been?

Chance said...

life is hard and we missed you!