24 February 2010

When Being the Coolest Auntie Pays Off

I had resolved to never ever blog again (I do this every time I go a few weeks without traveling. My life feels so empty and Utah-centered!), but then Jenny kept asking when I would post pictures of our visit to the Planetarium...which I don't plan to do. Oh well.

But, in good news, today has been amusing. Ziggy and Giselle are always amusing.

I imagine things kicked off after three hours at the hospital (taking mom there for her eye thing again. They didn't give her a shot in her eye this time, but we have to go back in a month and try again. Her eyes were still dilated, though, so I had to drive). As we were driving home, I was behind this car. Mom didn't notice anything wrong with it (aside from the bad placement of the phone number). I'm still trying to figure out what their soles are singing. I also left the red light in the picture in case anyone worries about my driving photography. Always be safe, kids!

I should mention that about a week ago, I decided to seriously take on the project of cleaning out and redecorating our study (I have no ideas at the moment, so suggestions are welcome!). The term "study" is used loosely since my computer is in the family room, mom's in the kitchen and dad's in the guest bedroom. We don't use the actual study too often and I have an elliptical machine that needs to be set up and loved. I forgot to take a true before picture, but this is an almost at the beginning picture. I was cleaning off the book shelf (to be moved) and vacuuming up spiders.

There were A LOT of books on the bookshelf. My personal favorite was the photo book of Jenny's Ricks days. The best part is it has Jenny or a roommate kissing a different boy on nearly every page (admittedly, it's more roommates than Jenny. She's not one for PDA, which I've always appreciated).

Those are my couches. I love them. I also have a thing for collecting pillows. I love, love pillows. We're getting rid of that coffee table (it's the kind the that table top pulls up closer) and exercise bike. Anyone need either? (o:

I tried to centralize the pillows so we could move things around the couches. I was getting a pretty good pile.

And what does one do with a pile of pillows that big? Throw your niece and nephew in them, of course!

I couldn't take pictures of Ziggy because I was the one who had to throw him -- man that kid is heavy. Giselle had photographed fun, though.

You can't tell me she doesn't look great with pillow-tossed hair.

While I was cleaning out the study, I also cleaned out my closet. Jenny was making fun of me for the masses of clothes I have (this is only one side). The white hangers on the left are from things I gave away. The reason I need so many clothes is because my sense of matching is about zero percent, so I keep hoping the more options available, the luckier I'll get (o:

Loosely related to projects and Ziggy, here is Ziggy's cat he made at preschool. He wanted me to post a picture. My blog is a favorite among his internet activities. Right behind Nick Jr. and before PBSkids.org.

The real fun of the evening, though, after the throwing children into the mountains of pillows, putting sparkly lotion on each other (and eye shadow on Ziggy), and sneaking Giselle pieces of chocolate chip cookie (just kidding, Jen), came from youtube. I had played the Sky Mall Kitty song for Jenny and Ziggy kept singing about kitties. He needed something else, so I put on the mysterious ticking noise. We must have watched it 30 times in a row. Ziggy can sing the song almost completely through. Giselle can now say "Dumbledore," "Snape," and something akin to "Hermione" and that's cute enough. As soon as the bomb would go off, Giselle would start screaming to listen to it again. Jenny's pose reflects how our brains felt after singing with our Potter Puppet Pals ad nauseam. On the bright side, they are leaving, I can listen to different music and Jenny gets to hear "Snape. Snape. Severus Snape." all the way home.


Katria said...

I would love a coffee table. Just sayin'...

Chillygator said...

You are the highest bidder, done!

Jenny said...

Well then. Not happy you're not posting pictures of the planetarium. At least put them on GHP. Also, in regards to the photo album from Ricks/BYU-I there were zero... read that, ZERO pictures of ME kissing. Lots of others but none of me. Now that that is straightened out! :)

Chillygator said...

I'm sorry, Jenny, but I needed some scandal in ambiguity and you are my target. Lots of love!

You're right, though. There ARE zero pictures of you kissing.

Lisa said...

So does that mean the pictures are of ME kissing guys? I know of one picture of me kissing a boy, but that's got to be it! I think I have pictures of Jenny kissing boys...

Chillygator said...

Trade you yours for one of Jenny, Lisa. That will make that book way more awesome.

Jillene said...

Pillow tossed hair is THE BEST kind!! Love it!!

Lindy Leigh said...

Maybe the singers are going to step on your heart with their "soles" whilst singing.

I could sleep in that room with all those pillow when I ever go there :)