25 March 2010

Why Today Cannot End Well

I am having some major issues today with focusing and being put together.

It all started last night. I was going over to Heather and Lisa's house (and was surprised not to see Liz's car out front! Apparently she went to CA and didn't invite us). I specifically drove MamaLynne's car (which was fixed yesterday so the gas won't stick and kill us. I appreciate that) because I'd left my purse in there and would needed it for today to get a new license and if I didn't take it out of the car, I would have it and everything I needed.

Lisa and Heather's house was great. We ate dinner (this is the FIRST time I have been to their house and haven't eaten any junk food. It was amazing but still delicious), talked, watched youtube movies, the usual.

I went home, got ready for bed and decided to order something online before going to sleep. So I got my purse out of the car, ordered things, went to bed.

This morning I was running late (my own fault, I started talking to Cari and then reading some of the 700 unread blogs in my Google Reader and playing this really stupid game of Uno that takes up 1/4th of my computer's CPU -- which is WAY impressive, but not nearly as impressive as MamaLynne's computer with a version of IE that is so old nothing, nothing works on it and she refuses to update because it will ruin everything, so we tease her every time she opens the internet) and was distracted and could not get life together.

We drive to the DMV -- totally on time! We get there right at seven -- and I remember my purse...the one sitting right by my computer desk where I left it. The one with all the things I need it in that I didn't even think about this morning because I had specifically left it in the car so I wouldn't forget it.

We gave up and went to work where I realized I didn't have my badge to get into work either. I had to ask security to let me up (and he knew me and laughed and teased me). I got to my desk and realized I'd brought something for lunch that needs to be refrigerated, left it in the car and can't go get it because I don't have a badge and am not asking security to let me up again.

Dad is bringing my purse later this morning, so we're going to try the DMV again. I think this is why I start processes LONG before they're ever due because I just know nothing will ever be finished on time (like my taxes that were sitting in envelopes on my desk, ready to be mailed for at least two weeks). I don't NEED to get a new license until May. I wonder if I can make it?


libphoto said...

I think your problem is that you are too easily distracted :)

Jay McGuire said...

Stuff like that happens to me all the time. Just the other day I had a paper in my hand that I needed to bring to work but somehow it didn't end up in the car with me. Sad thing is I didn't notice I was missing it until I was more than halfway to work.

Jenny said...

Mark will kill me if he know's I've posted this on the internet, but he got up for work early (you know, to make a good impression at his new job) and got out the door in great time. Got to work and realized he left his laptop at home. There would be no work at all without it, so he had to drive back this way to get it. Luckily for him I'm such a good wifey, and I packed the kids in the car and his laptop and met him half-way. Well not quite half, but part way. Stuff like that really stinks! Hopefully the next attempt goes better! Oh, and FYI I need to get a new license too. Sheesh.