27 July 2010

Another Time We Drive Places for Food

Ever since my Mango Madness post, people have been telling me where in Salt Lake to get it, sending me pictures, buying it for me. It's EVERYWHERE. Fun fact, I don't actually like mango. Real mangoes I won't eat because they taste how I imagine a pine tree would taste, and the flavor is just...not a favorite. So now I have enough mango to last Heather and me several lifetimes. If every anyone finds just mango yogurt, though, that's my favorite flavor, so I would eat that (o:

I expect that if I blog about driving to Maddox just for lunch (because, really, who wouldn't?) that people will start bringing me their rolls and raspberry butter. I can't wait!

Not too long ago, Lisa and Heather went to Vegas and I picked them up at the airport. I got to wait for a long time because they had to buy me a mug in the gift shop for...various reasons. I always take tilty pictures thinking I will like them, and then I don't like them! Ugh! My life is so hard. But, waiting for their plane.

I collected them, we exchanged gifts (every reunion is made better with gifts), and drove to Maddox. While we waited, Heather and Lisa showed me the TONS of pictures they took (which was like 20 pictures, so I had to laugh. At least they remembered their cameras!).

Heather and Lisa. Only Heather is blurry. Oops. I probably should have stood up to take the picture, but...I didn't. All these regrets! But we got our petite filet mignons and delicious rolls and all was well with the world.

Lisa did a little car dance for us on the way home.

I think this is where she was pretending she didn't want me to take her picture, but that can't possibly be what this means!

Heather unsurprisingly car danced as well.

Finally I took them home (rather Heather did since I made her drive). Lisa returned to her usual state of multi-tasking. Heather returned to HER usual state of getting stains out. I got chocolate on my white sweater (the one on the arm of the couch) and she washed it for me.

And we all engaged in our usual Saturday night activity of grocery shopping (our lives are just filled with excitement and wonder, I know. Every time Heather tells me she has a surprise/adventure planned, it's shopping!). Heather and Liz comparing shoes.

Heather and Lisa, who are quite in tune with the shutter clicks, pose.

And then all three! Lisa has been gone to Phoenix (to see her new nephew) all week and we miss her so much; Liz is leaving soon for school in California and we'll miss her as well. Oh well, we'll always have our memories of...umm...grocery shopping (o:

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