30 November 2010

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Today is Heather's birthday! We all love Heather, so we're very excited. However, Heather doesn't want us to talk about or acknowledge her birthday (which doesn't even make sense because she is an even-numbered year of age and she loves even numbers), so we will not talk about or acknowledge it from hereon out. Instead we will just have a random post about Heather!

Totally unbirthday-related things about Heather. I know most people who read my blog don't really know Heather because I hardly ever blog about her, but she is very fun, outgoing, loving person who always makes people feel welcome, loves to dance, is a devout University of Utah fan and has a certain fondness for puns.

The other night after Heather and I went and saw Harry Potter, we went back to Heather's house (because I was sleeping over) and Mackenzie was still up. Heather had been promising me we could have spaghetti on Saturday for a week but then we missed dinner (my fault) and I was still craving Saturday. It was just midnight and Heather, Mackenzie and I made spaghetti. For me! It was so great. But I learned a few new things.

1. You can throw spaghetti at the fridge and if it sticks, it's done (usually I just taste it, but whatever). Here is Heather demonstrating the throw (and the clock is right, it was 12:15).
2. Eating things, especially garlicy things, that late at night isn't the best idea. We all had trouble sleeping/weird dreams. Mine involved going to an alternate universe to escape some danger and only the cast of San Fransico's Wicked could open the portal. Once in the alternate universe (which had so. freaking. many. stairs. That was just poor universe design), all we did was play hangman. I woke up feeling more exhausted than when I went to sleep.
3. Garlic smell lingers. For a very long time. I went upstairs in the morning (to see the snow!) and before I got to the top of the steps, I hit a wall of garlic smell (even though the door was closed). It was intense.

Heather is fantastic. Every adventure with her is fun. Yesterday I woke up, looked outside and decided I didn't want to go to work, so I texted my boss that I was taking a vacation day and went back to bed. Well, eventually I got up and Heather and I went shopping, had lunch at Cafe Rio and went back to my house to watch the end of the U/BYU game...which she had attended, however she watched it with the same reaction as if she didn't know how it would end. Like when BYU intercepted the ball at the end, she gasped and jumped and clutched the blanket under her chin in worry, but even on replay the U still won (o:

The best part of yesterday was when we went to Costco (again) to get plates for an activity last night and were walking to check out with JUST PLATES and this lady with a full cart totally raced us for it! We were laughing as we were standing behind her in line with our one item. We actually even ended up leaving the building at the same time. It was slightly unbelievable. And funny.

I can't imagine a better day yesterday and hope Heather has a wonderful day today for non-specific reasons (o:

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