18 January 2011

Yet Another Dance Party

It seems that every time I'm with either Heather and Giselle (or, best of all, Heather AND Giselle), there is a dance party. I don't dance myself -- I couldn't dance if my life depended on it -- but I appreciate watching other people dance.

Jenny and Co. came over for dinner. I think Jenny is just as in love with the iPads as the kids are.

Luckily we have two now so there's less fighting. Ziggy grabbed mine and told me a game he wanted me to buy. He knew the name and the picture on the icon and how to play it, so I did. As soon as it was open, he ran to Jenny, "Look what Kristy bought me!" Jenny, of course, flipped out because it was not a game he was allowed to play. Somehow Ziggy has yet to learn that if your mom says not to do something, don't do it and then run over to show her.

Dad bought Giselle a streamer...thing.... She was very entertaining to watch as she played with it. She kept getting so passionately involved that she'd hit her head with the end of the stick, look a little startled and keep going. (It's a hollow, plastic stick. No harm!)

At dinner Giselle was angry/frustrated because she couldn't have toys at the table, had to eat foods she didn't want, couldn't yell at the table and couldn't pretend to Swipe people's food. Her life is super hard.

After dinner Jenny tried teaching Giselle the moved to Bye, Bye, Bye.

When the music stops, you have to strike a pose until the next song comes on. It's the rule.

She never fails to make me laugh.

She is REALLY good at moving her hips like yeah. Then again, so is Jenny, so it's not surprising.

This whole time we were having a dance party, Ziggy was still at the dinner table with Grandma (who is nice enough to take pity on him) because he was not leaving until he ate. He spends a lot of time at our house at the dinner table not eating. We thought a dance party would have been motivation, but clearly it was not enough.

After the dance it was time to go. Giselle was SO sad she couldn't play with Grandma longer. MamaLynne, of course, found humor in Giselle's complete grief.

Then she was sad she couldn't go in Grandma's car to Auntie Liz's. Her little heart with breaking all over the place.

But then, a ray of happiness! Grandma said she would drive to Auntie Liz's in Giselle's car with her! That grandma is so accommodating. The only thing that would make her cooler is if she could dance (o:

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