17 February 2011


More pictures of SF! But this time of Danielle and Jon's kids (Brooke lives with Danielle and Jon and their three kids. This is a different Jon than the one she's marrying -- in case anyone is worried).

This is baby Naomi. Heather and I went downstairs in the morning (we didn't get to the house until after midnight so the kids were very much in bed when we arrived), saw her and BOTH wanted nothing more than to play with her. She tolerated us for a few minutes.

Such big, pretty eyes!

Dawna, the oldest, immediately started entertaining us. She danced and sang and wanted Heather to play games with her.

Heather and Dawna playing the bug game. I think Heather cheated....

Larry just wanted to watch them play -- and drive his car all over the Candyland (which they played next) board.

He was so happy the whole time. Jon and Danielle have such well-behaved, delightful children.

Naomi looked a little bit left out.

Heather and Dawna after the games. We also started a dance party right around then.

Naomi, who was previously very sad, got A LOT happier once we all started dancing. Those kids have some moves.

Dancing turned into Jillian moves.

Heather, Larry and Dawna doing the superman pose. They also did some lunges. Heather felt right at home.