23 August 2011

Happy VERY BELATED Birthday, Ziggy

Apparently I've given up on blogging for the summer, which is too bad, because I think I remember doing fun things (though, somehow I've managed to maintain the PAD, which is some sort of miracle). In any case, Ziggy's 6th birthday was, oh, like a month and a half ago. I celebrated it, took pictures and now I am going to blog about it! Sweet!

For Ziggy's friend party, Jenny rented a giant water slide thing. It was a little intimidating. I'd let Jenny borrow my swimming suit, so I didn't even get to go on it (not that I really minded. I don't love being wet).

Jenny and Gigi sliding for me. Ziggy would NOT slide for pictures.

If Jenny and Ziggy share one thing (which they don't, because they share MANY things), it's their love for parties. Jenny is explaining the crafts to everyone.

Ziggy surrounded by friends.

Giselle, braving the wind, was outside long enough to get her face painted and then wanted to be inside for the rest of the party.

Ziggy had birthday cupcakes (which Giselle and I downed after everyone went outside) -- Jenny spelled his name wrong, how embarrassing! (o:

Which meant I spent the entire party inside with this kid because she is afraid of the wind still. She spent the time trying to turn my necklace into a magic necklace and I would die if I wore it. Apparently it just put me to sleep because I fell asleep on their most comfortable couch ever while the friend party ended and Mark's family party began.

For Ziggy's actual birthday, we had our family party starting with lunch at the Olive Garden. Ziggy wanted the Mayan again, but we've finally nixed that because NONE of us wanted to eat any of that food again. If anyone goes and they've started cooking good things again, please let me know. He was absolutely delighted to have all the waiters sing happy birthday to him, though.

I couldn't get Jenny and Ziggy to pose and smile and look at me all at the same time together.

Then we went back to Jenny and Mark's house to open gifts. Another thing Ziggy has in common with Jenny is his abundance of excitement for everything.

The gift from Grandma and Grandpa was the biggest.

And the most exciting!

It was a very Harry Potter Lego themed birthday. He claimed he wasn't going to sleep until it was all set up, but that turned out to not be true. Also, once he had it set up, he told me it was for looking, not touching. Which is another way he's like Jenny. Jenny's toys from growing up are all in pristine condition. Mine are probably mostly buried in the sandbox.

Mark and I particularly liked Ziggy's nerf gun.

Mark shot it at me for taking his picture. You can see the dart heading straight at me (the blurry part by Mark's face).

And then the dart hit and attached to my lens and Mark felt bad, but not bad enough to stop laughing.

And then Dad shot at me, but he kept hitting my arms, which actually hurt. I got him back, though. I waited until he was asleep on the couch and unloaded all the darts at him. I kind of want one of those.

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Ron and Jessica said...

Look at that slide. Zachary is so jealous. He'll never have a sweet waterslide at his birthday party.

At least not until I win the Utah state lottery and move to the Bahamas.