05 December 2011

Why I've Spent Every Day of the Last Week Crying. Also, Things Can Still Go Wrong

I've committed to that title in case anyone from that other site decides to Google it to see if it actually exists (o:

I'm going to preface ALL of this by saying I haven't been sleeping or eating well lately. I'd like to think I have a firmer grip on reality when I do eat and sleep.

So, this past week! It's been....good times.

I think I'll start with Wednesday. First, I started to get a weird stomach bug. I left work early feeling super-ill. Then I spent the night feeling, well, ill. Also not sleeping. Not at all.

Oh, before that, Melanie called my furniture guys last Monday to ask when my bed would be delivered (I hate calling people). They said on Thursday and would have someone call me with the exact time.

Then I called them day before to see if they had an exact time. They did not. Tomorrow, for sure!

Then I called FedEx (they were the deliverers) Thursday morning (because I intended to go into work and just leave to meet the furniture guys) and the said I'd called the corporate offices, but the Salt Lake offices won't open for another hour (no, I did not sleep at all, so I called early). I waited an hour and called the Salt Lake offices and they said they hadn't made the assignments yet but would be sure to let me know when they had.

So, I went about doing other things when, lo and behold, 20 minutes later the FedEx driver calls and says he's AT THE HOUSE (the one I am NOT at, of course), with my bed and no one is answering. I maybe freak out as I'm not dressed. Then I start crying (and never stopped).

He says he can't do anything for me and is leaving.

I call Heather, who says she's home (and didn't hear the guy ring the doorbell?), and then call FedEx again. They promise to send the driver RIGHT BACK as it hasn't even been two minutes.

I take a quick shower and run over with wet hair and no makeup. The driver did not come back. I call again. The guy I answered, John, told me how it was my fault that this happened and I wasn't going to get my bed until either Friday or early next week. I told him it was their fault (because, remember, I kept calling so I would be ready) and I wanted him to call the driver. He said he couldn't do that because the driver's communication was down. I told him to call the driver's cell phone. He said their drivers don't HAVE cell phones. I was all, "And what do you think he called me on??" And then John started raising his voice and talking over me and I was still crying so I, in a rare moment of assertive frustration, told him, "No! Stop telling me I'm wrong! You guys messed up and I expect you to fix it!" and he again told me it was my fault so I told him he's a jerk and I don't want to talk to him, I want his manager.

Which I got. Shane! Shane was waaaay nicer. He was all, "Their communication is down, sorry." And I brought up the cell phone thing and he was all, "I don't have the driver's cell number." And I was all, "But I have it! Because he called me on it!" So Shane called the driver and said the driver would be back in about an hour.

It is now 9:30-ish AM. I've been crying for at least the last hour.

That hour comes and goes multiple times. The driver arrived around 2 or 3.

I specifically had chosen delivery to a room of my choice (what with it being a 600 lb bed), but the FedEx driver said it's against their policy to go inside homes and he left it in the garage.

I called the Home Furniture Showroom, from whence I ordered the bed, and explained that I had inside delivery but FedEx didn't do that. The girl, Kelly, was super nice and kept talking to managers and stuff. Then she offered me a $50 return if I could just find someone to do it myself. Well, it cost me more than that to miss work and deal with it, plus it's a 600 lb bed, so that was insulting and unacceptable. Also I was tired, unfed and weepy.

Then she said they would get someone to move it tomorrow (Friday).

I IMed one of their online support people, Michael, Friday morning (EARLY morning. Again with the not sleeping) because I knew if I called, I might start sobbing on the phone. He said they were getting someone out and they would call me back as soon as they had things worked out.

I waited at the house just in case they showed up instead of calling again. Mostly I just laid on the floor of the basement and cried because I was not handling the situation as well as a rested person probably could have. Oh, and i watched the first X-Files movie. I was putting it on because I'd seen it before and I thought the background noise would be good to sleep to. Of course I ended up watching the whole thing. Any time I started to drift off, something interesting would happen and I'd be awake again.

Of course I never got a call back, no one ever showed up, and Dad and Mark ended up moving the whole thing. But Dad brought me my new mattress!

Oh, also, looking at the boxes and the room, I decided it wouldn't fit well. I mean, it would fit, but it would be SO cramped. So that was sad. Dad decided to take the bed and use it for their guest room. It really is a beautiful bed. It was sad to watch it go.

So now I have a night stand (sort of. It's a tiny desk, but I've always used it at as a night table), a mattress on the floor and PILES of clothes everywhere.

On Saturday Heather and I went shopping (again I'm not sleeping or eating) for bedroom stuff. I nearly cried at Bed, Bath and Beyond at the prospect of having to pick bedding. So I didn't do that. But I did get bathroom stuff. We also went to three different stores to find a shower curtain (o:

Dad, Mark and Jenny came over and brought my couch (love it!) and desk, then we went to Red Robin for Heather's birthday dinner. I fell asleep at the table MULTIPLE times. People came back for an after party, but I went to take a nap. Heather woke me up after and we went grocery shopping and I started to tear up at the thought of making choices, but we survived.

But after that nap I STILL didn't sleep.

I was starting to get into the non-functioning zone (o:

Then yesterday while setting up my bathroom I discovered the shower head doesn't really work (the water all sprays out where the fixture screws in) and the tub doesn't drain. Also I am pretty sure there were a few other smaller things that just kept adding to the general misery of it all.

At one point on Thursday or Friday I called Mom sobbing and Ann was at her desk. Ann sent mom home with a children's book ("The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes") to cheer me up. That was embarrassingly sweet (o:

Then yesterday Lisa, Carli, Paul and I went to the Christmas devotional. Lisa fed me dinner and gave me an Advil PM so I could FINALLY sleep and I feel way more like a functional person. And after work I'm going to get my computer fixed (it won't turn on again -- in case I needed more things that are adding to my frustration), and then we're having our annual SCROOGE PARTY. How can anything be wrong with a Scrooge Party?

And there we go. I think the answer to most of my recent life problems involves me needing to sleep more.


Leslie said...

I came to your blog for the express purpose of seeing if you'd written a blog post with that title.

Sorry things are rough! Blah blah, things will get better, blah blah, etc. (I'm so comforting!)

Chillygator said...

I'm so glad you did!!!! I sort of laughed as I put in that title (o:

Suzi Q said...

BUMMER! :( That is so sad!! I am sorry to hear about your bed. It was beautiful. Hopefully things will settle down soon! :) Get some sleep!

Kami said...


Did you know that after 48 hours of no sleep you are clinically insane? Fun fact!!

I hope you never have to deal with this again!

Katria said...

I remember that one time I came to the annual SCROOGE party. I felt so cool! I wish I could be there again. In Taiwan, there is no Christmas. In Taiwan, Christmas is sad.

Chillygator said...

Hmm....I am willing to accept clinical insanity. It might make it easier for people to deal with my completely irrational behavior. (o:

Jenn said...

I feel for you! I once tried to have an exercise machine delivered, specifically went home early from to be there, heard the truck come and leave, and found out they didn't have my apartment number--not because I didn't put it on, but because the ordering webpage left it off. After a few hours on the phone with both FedEx and the company, I finally got them to bring it back, but they said someone had to be home, so I had to have it delivered to a neighbor and my sister and I lugged it up up three flights of stairs ourselves. I decided then that I will NEVER have something that big delivered by FedEx again...So I can feel your pain. I'm so sorry that after all that you couldn't use the bed! And I'm praying for more sleep for you! :)

LibPhoto said...

I feel so bad for you! I hope you can get enough sleep so you can return to your cheerful, fun self again :)