06 January 2012

Another Sports Post

I know. Two sports posts EVER? That's weird.

But the other day I read on the Parenting Fails blog this quote:

My mother texts me: Hey… Dad wants a ticket to the game in Green Bay for Christmas… I believe it's a football game and I think it's the Packers against another team… Possibly the Yankees.
It immediately reminded me of this moment in my life.

I sent it to Heather who asked if the "mother" in that story wasn't my own. She is not, but someday I could be that mother!

And then Heather and I laughed. And I reavowed to never pretend to know about sports to impress a boy....because I will fail. Hugely.


Bill said...

You make me feel not so bad about my own lack of sports knowledge. I can always say, "Well... at least I know more than Chilly!"

Zany G {Joyce} said...

That's funny. I also know nothing about sports. But I've found that I'm good at one sport at least. I actually can snorkle pretty well for someone that's only been once. :O) The only problem is... there aren't any Ocean's anywhere in Arizona! LOL
~YBPPE Joyce S.