30 October 2012

An Evening of Celebration

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged because I haven't even mentioned the TSM birthday concert -- which was a major awesome point in my summer.

Thursday was the dress rehearsal. I brought MamaLynne dinner and she agreed to take me over to the dress rehearsal. I was positively giddy!

We got there a little early (mostly because I was so worried we'd be late and miss something!) and hung out in the lounge area until everyone else had arrived.

With the Conference Center empty, it felt like a concert just for us -- which I was more than okay with.

Heidi met us there to watch.

And Rebecca Luker came out to sing! I was literally bouncing around the floor with joy and excitement. I've loved Rebecca Luker since I was young and Mom would play The Secret Garden for us. Melanie and I saw her in NYC when she was in Mary Poppins and I paid for the backstage tour because they said we could meet the cast, but apparently they didn't mean all the cast, so I didn't meet her. I've been sad about that ever since.

More rehearsing as Choir members meander in.

After the first rehearsals, Rebecca went back to change into her concert clothes. We listened to a few other songs and then Ron took us back to meet her (this was the point where I was about to die of happiness!). I took a picture of Ron, Rebecca and Heidi.

They took a picture of me with Rebecca but it was so blurry and not all that awesome. 

And then they went through the full show, which we also stayed for. Mom was the Best Mom Ever because she waited for me during the whole show when I know she had a million other things she could be doing (though, to be fair, she was over the show and had a certain investment in making sure it went well).

The next night we ran into Ron on our way into the actual concert. We told him about my blurry picture and he offered to take us back to see Rebecca again. This time I brought Jenny and she took the picture of Mom and me. It was a thousand percent less blurry.

Charisse met us there. My grandpa ended up not going so we had one extra ticket.

Just for fun, at 0:24 you can see Heather singing right between Tom and Carma's heads.

Lisa and Lori were also there! 

And Nicole! It was a little party within the birthday party.

It was such a wonderful party and was excellently planned (props to MamaLynne and her team!). And, best of all, I now have a personally signed Rebecca Luker program. To be fair, I was also excited about Dallyn and Stanford (especially Stanford Olson because he's fantastic in Candide -- which I have watched many, many times), but there's something about meeting someone you've admired for so long that just warms the heart... For some reason I didn't take a picture of my program, but I totally will when it goes on the Broadway Wall at my parents' house.

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