06 March 2013

The New House Before Pictures

It may be known that I'm moving into my Cannegieter grandparents home. They've both passed away years ago and my dad and his sisters own the house, but my dad manages it. The upstairs renters bought a house and moved out, so, loving a good DYI challenge (and I can promise I will need tips and suggestions and ideas from any of my amazing, talented friends) and the allure of living in a house with a garden, I'm going to be the new renter.

My family went to Silver Reef this past weekend and I drove down with Mom and Dad, so "on our way" (which is a lie, it was totally out of the way by a lot), we stopped by the house to take a few before pictures so I could let people start thinking of decorating ideas they want to give me.

Fair warning, the pictures are entirely unedited and some of them are a little blurry because my wide-angle lens is struggling with focusing.

This is the front. The sidewalk was newly-poured last summer, which is good as I remember it was in bad shape. My favorite part is that little lamp with a flower bed unevenly bordered around the bottom.

Against the side of the house are flower beds. It's north-facing, so if anyone has some good garden suggestions for the area, I'm open to them.

The main room is large and gorgeous. My grandparents put the wood in the fireplace there when they built the house in the late 50's (according to Mom). The renters seemed to think the fireplace was drafty, so, of course, the logical solution before cleaning out the chimney or checking the flue closed properly was to screw (yes, screw) a piece of canvas into the brick and that beautiful wood. It's been days since we saw it, and Mom and I are still horrified that someone would do that. The walls are all popcorn textured, so we're getting someone in to sand it down.

My favorite feature in the entry (which is apparently common to houses of that era), is the bookshelf thing by the front door. Before I'd been in, I'd remembered it was there and planned to paint it, but now I realize it's that same gorgeous wood, so it can stay.

A pulled back shot of the shelf along with the front door (which I am painting the inside part grey and the outside part turquoise because that feels right) and the coat closet.

The open coat closet. The mirror inside is shattered -- does anyone have need of a broken mirror? Also the light switch is completely broken and most of the lights in the house are burned out, so there are a few early projects piling up already.

Here is a shot of the kitchen. Right now we're going to take out the laminate counters, put in granite (and a stainless steel sink) and, eventually, put in wood floors (or uncover the natural wood floors -- I don't know that it's been decided). I don't love the floor now, but clearly my world won't end living with it for awhile. Jenny used to live here when Ziggy was born, and she's the one who redid all the kitchen hardware (which looks GREAT -- it's all loose, but that's not too hard to fix) and added curtains all over.

The other side of the kitchen. We're getting a new stove (how do you even lose the front of the stove???), and it also has a tiny little dishwasher that should be just perfect for me.

Here's the dining room (when we do the floors, we're also pulling the wood out into the dining room so it won't be carpet any more) with the door that leads outside to the side yard/patio area. Can you see on the ceiling where Jenny got sick of painting? The ceiling tile is acoustic, but it has gold flecks in it. When Dad gets the walls sanded, we may have the person paint the ceilings. I love painting, but not ceilings.

The view from the dining room back into the kitchen. I love the wrap-around counter and the little dividing shelf. I'm going to take the dividing part and tile it with something...as soon as I pick out what I want there.

There's a random cupboard under the bar (and the renters left A TON of random junk all over the house -- how long do I have to wait before I can reasonably throw it all away?). Mom said it's for  phone books, so I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Never-the-less, there it is. I'm going to peel the carpet off above and below the door (because, honestly, why???) and paint that all grey.

The hallway to the bedrooms - kitchen is on the left, coat closet on the right.

The first bedroom is the little one. The wood is the houses' natural wood floors (aren't they so gorgeous???). The renters put vinyl on the wall and didn't really get it off, or, scrapped big chunks of the wall off in their attempt. There are chunks out of the wall all over in that room. Jenny painted the room when she lived there, and, while I like it, I'm going with a new color scheme.

The view toward the door. My sewing machine is going against that wall as soon as I get that room painted.

The thing I love about the little room is the inside the closet dresser that's attached in. It clearly needs some new hardware since it's missing quite a bit.

And the closet.

Across from the little bedroom is the bathroom. We're debating doing entirely new counters since the ones in there are SO SHORT and have zero storage. If that happens, I just want one central sink since I don't really see the point of two. If that doesn't happen, we'll probably put granite in there, too, in which case I'm getting rid of the sink by the door.

The window next to the shower is now missing a curtain. Glad the glass is frosted! Also the towel holders are in the weirdest places... Good thing I'm repainting that room so I can rehang everything where I want.

The shower is dirty....This is going to be a Heather cleaning challenge (o: I also can't figure out why the corner holding thing is up so high! At least I like the tile.

Bathroom from the other direction. The whole room has exactly one outlet. One. And all the outlets are two-pronged. Do I have any friends who are good at being electricians who want to change the outlets to three-pronged and give me some more bathroom outlets? Because that would be awesome. Next to the door is a frosted yellow window. I'm thinking of putting a mirror in on the hall side (because there is still framing out there) and making the inside part a shelf or something. But that's....open to discussion since it will be a long time before I ever get there.

The middle of the bathroom closet (this house has a lot of closets!). I want to do something with it to make it more functional. The shelves are all covered in weird laminate and they're deep and close together, so I'm taking suggestions here, too. I saw something on Pinterest about making closet doors glass, and I love it, but...again, nothing set in stone since that's a project that will wait awhile.

The laundry room is much bigger than I remembered! At some point, I'm going to take off the wall paper border, repaint and replace the warped metal cupboards with one wooden cupboard and some shelves like I saw on Pinterest. Any suggestions on what to do with the gap between the washer and dryer? It's very big.

The other side of the laundry room with the built-in ironing board down (the other renters left clothes all over the laundry room).

Now with it up so you can see the sink and the little medicine cabinet.  

One of the hallway closets which is filled with stuff the renters forgot (and I went over there last night and the clothes were gone but the closet was still filled with boxes and blankets and toys), but they also have the key (because the former renter's brother lives downstairs and all the locks are the same -- note to self: get new locks... -- so he has until I move in at the end of the month for this to be all gone.

The master bedroom, which is what I'm going to paint first and I can't wait because I love painting!

The bedroom looking back at the door and the closet with the sun room off to the right.

The closet. I'm excited to paint it and get in a closet organizer. It's going to look great.

In the sun room. Apparently the renters decided they didn't have enough closet space, so they drilled holes in the tile and hung a bar. At least that solves my nonexistent problem of worrying where I could potentially hang clothes to dry if I so desired. It is not tacky looking at all. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make this room a greenhouse since it's south-facing and so warm in the summer and I only want to grow tomatoes and red peppers anyway (and everything I read said they'd do fine in pots).  It'll buy me time until I decide if I want to commit a portion of the yard to a garden or build raised beds or realize I kill everything that depends on me and just mooch off friend's gardens like a normal person.

The other side of the sun room. Does anyone need a desk? Because that sure is not staying in there. I'm going to repaint the whole room and put my white desk under the bookcase.

The bottom half of the second hall closet.

And the top half. I love how EVERY SINGLE closet in this house (and there are many!) have lights in them.

And the scary closet. This closet is built over the stairs that go to the downstairs apartment/outside to the back yard. You get to it by climbing a ramp, but it has tons of boxes in there and I need them to move. Dad wants me to clean it out, which might also be a Heather project because I'm afraid of heights (o:

Back to the dining room, here's the door off to the side yard.

The newly-poured patio. Raspberries grow REALLY well along that fence, so those will be a spring priority.

And the little deck that attaches to the house. I'm thinking I should some day be brave and try my hand at an herb garden out here -- so I'm taking tips for that as well.

That's pretty much it. I have chosen a color pallet I like -- pretty much every room is going to be that light tan-ish color with accents in grey. The insides or closets are also going to be grey. The bathroom and sun room are going to be turquoise (because I love it, so why not?), and the laundry room will be the light blue with the orange accent. Which is all subject to change deciding on my mood (o:

And there we are. I have a long month of repairing and painting ahead of me!


Bridget said...

Kristy! This is so exciting! Where is the house? Are you still going to be working in Salt Lake? We seriously need to catch up, my friend!

Chillygator said...

@Bridget - Just in Murray. Really not far from where I am now and I will never leave my job! (o:

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Alicia said...

Awesome! I am so excited for you and this adventure! How fun!

Mostly Jessica said...

Looks like a lot of fun projects for you!
Our previous home was north east facing and the plants I remember doing well are: Bleeding hearts, hosta, day lily and strawberries. These were in a raised bed we made with rocks from the cottonwood canyons (free, but permit required). We also had a water-wise area bordering our driveway with elijah blue fescue and yuccas. There was one other plant in the flower bed but I can't remember the name of it. I'll come back if I remember. Good luck! Jessica

Andria said...

Hello, friend! I have nominated your blog for the Liebster award. Details are here: http://awesomeyn.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-award.html

Lindy Leigh said...

Wow! I had no idea you were doing this! Congratulations :0)