29 May 2013

Alice In Wonderland

I remember a time when I used to do blog posts in a timely manner and I posted them more than once every six months (or in spurts every six months). Those were great times!

Well, Jenny did her last ballet, Alice In Wonderland, a couple of weeks ago on my birthday weekend -- which was fine. Usually I do a ton of birthday-celebrating things, but this time I mostly just cleaned and organized my house, took pictures of Jenny and had dinner with friends.

Jenny played the part of the Queen of Hearts and she was SO good at it! I don't love ballet, but I loved her part!

MamaLynne, Dad, Mark, his family and the kids all went to see it Friday night. The performance was outside at the Sandy Amphitheater and about 15 minutes in, it started pouring rain and it was freezing cold. I, of course, was prepared with my towel to wipe off seats (it had been raining before), a coat, and two blankets. Mom brought nothing, so I shared both blankets with her (one over our laps and one around our shoulders) and Giselle was cold, so she huddled along with us.

My favorite part of that setup was when I bought cotton candy (I have a weakness) and Mark told his kids they could have a little. Giselle took a small amount, then Ziggy reached in and grabbed half the cotton candy in the bag. I told him his dad said he could only have a little, so he ripped off a bite-size piece and gave that back to me. Then Giselle wanted as much as Ziggy, so she, with both hands, grabbed the rest of the cotton candy and was shoveling it in her mouth as fast as possible. Combine her using her whole hands, the fact that it was raining and everything was damp and the wind whipping her hair all over, and she had cotton candy EVERYWHERE. All over her. All over her hands, face and hair.

It was great (o:

Jenny asked me to come back the next day when it was lighter to take pictures between shows, so I did.

This is the Jack of Hearts, the White Rabbit and the King of Hearts hanging around Jenny while waiting for me to get my camera settings correct.

The pose they were waiting for me to photograph, where Jenny is scary. She spent the whole show eating and demanding people's heads be cut off. It was a dream role for her, I'm sure!

Jenny with some more of the cast.

And with her two friends.

A very classic Queen of Hearts pose.

A very classic Jenny pose!

And I think this might be a real ballet pose, but I don't do ballet, so I'm not sure.

It was really fun. I'm sad she won't be doing any more ballets because while I may not like sitting through them, I love photographing ballerinas. They just pose so well!

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