03 August 2013

House Update: Bathroom

The problem with my house is I have most of the rooms mostly done, but while paint is drying in one, I'll start painting another and never get anything quite finished. The bathroom, however, looks okay enough that I feel like I can post pictures of it.

Here we have the entry of the bathroom before: The cabinet came up to about my thigh (it was so short!), tile that didn't go all the way through (they must have run out), counters that were old, chipped and teal, and two sinks (I don't love it), zero storage (under the sinks were all pipes and the drawers were mostly stuck and also tiny).

And here we are after! A normal-height counter made of gorgeous granite, one sink (yes!), tons of drawers and cupboards and a retiled floor that goes all the way through everything.

I think I took a before picture of the window area because I hated where the towel bar was. It just felt like a weird place to me....

Now the towel holder is replaced with a toilet paper holder (that made more sense), and towels (or bathrobes) can be hung right next to the shower. Also the window is new (and see-through...I don't love that. I maybe need curtains but I haven't gotten around to it) and the shelf is the same granite as the counter top.

The before of the shower -- it was really dirty...but that was really my only complaint. And the shelf thing being ridiculously high.

After we have new tile (to match the floor) that goes all the way to the ceiling (I wish Dad would have consulted me -- I had no idea the whole shower was going until it was actually done! I'd have done a small decorative line of different tile toward the top. Know that was in my heart). The shelf thing is still also ridiculously high... This is why tall people need to stop remodeling my stuff (o:  But everything is clean and gorgeous and matching!

The sinks before. With the toilet paper holder and hand towel ring on the side of the cupboard. That was such a weird placement to me. Also, the light switch and ONLY plug in the room (two-pronged, of course), is in the middle of the wall (again, tall people).

After we have, well, everything looking awesome. Also the new bathroom cupboard. It is awesome.

This is what it looked like before... I was not excited to somehow make it workable.

Now it looks like this! (I promise I am not a hoarder -- especially of plastic bags! -- I just haven't had a chance to organize the cupboard -- it's important because it drives me crazy, but not urgent since no one sees it).

And the top is like this. Two doors instead of three! I love it. Again, normally my storage spaces are immaculately organized like my closet. This chaos is just shameful.

My favorite part, though, is the mirror (like the hotel ones!) I installed in that little wall space. I made it face the big mirror and put it at a height where I could use the little mirror if I needed for things like putting on makeup (also it magnifies by 7, so...plucking my eyebrows is so much easier), but high enough that I can also turn it and use it to see the back of my hair.

I think the wood (which is the same as the wood in the kitchen) looks perfect. Heather picked the green wall color (I'd made way too many decisions at that point) and everything came together really well with my existing cream rugs and blue towels.

The best part, though is how the hand towel now covers the space where the old light switch used to be, the switch was moved to somewhere more reasonable and I have FOUR outlets! Three-pronged. That is way better than one outlet.

Also, while I hate the yellow glass (because you can see people walking past in the hallway -- it's so weird!), I love the shelf provided for my perfumes.And you can see the other outlet. One one each side!

(Sorry the picture/text formatting is weird in some places. I tried to fix it but ultimately don't care that much!)


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Good job, girl! Now you can come do ours--or at least give your input. ;) Except I think I'll expand to two sinks. . .

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Looking great!